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Cruelty free beauty – my journey begins…

Cruelty free beauty – my journey begins…

My journey to cruelty free beauty starts here…

Ok Little Lotuses, it’s time to talk about the elephant in the (bath) room. Or rather, the bunny – specifically this one:

His name’s Alfie, and I adopted him almost 2 years ago. There’s a lot of things he loves (did someone say strawberries?), but one thing he is definitely against is animal testing. It’s time to talk about cruelty free beauty.

Cruelty free beauty was one of my new year’s resolutions last year, and I’m ashamed to admit that just like my gym membership, it went nowhere. That’s not ok.

Animal testing is something I’ve known about since I was a teenager doing work experience at The Body Shop, but to be honest, it’s not something I’ve ever paid much attention to in my own beauty regime.

I’ve always loved animals, and as a girlie girl I love makeup too. It’s time to bring those two things together and turn my makeup bag into a bunny free zone!

As a makeup addict, finding some cruelty free beauty products to replace my tried and tested favourites is going to be a BIG CHALLENGE!

Here’s the thing…looking into my makeup bag I don’t even know which makeup products are cruelty free and which ones are tested on animals, so step one is to get educated.

It’s time to do my research and find out what’s going on under the skin of my favourite products.

Here’s what’s in my makeup bag – I’m going to guess that most of it isn’t cruelty free, but it’s time to find out:

As you can see, it’s all pretty well used! These are my day to day products so they see a lot of action! Let’s take a look at what we’ve got here:

L’Oreal Paris infallible mattifying base

This is a nice light primer with good oil-control.  It goes onto your skin before your foundation and it has a mattifying effect which is perfect if you’ve got oily skin like mine. It evens out the texture but it’s not heavy or greasy, so it’s my go-to base.

L’Oreal Paris infallible 24hr matte foundation

Finding a good foundation isn’t easy, and it’s taken me ages to get one that’s right for my skin type and texture. It’s high coverage without being heavy, blends well and lasts all day, which is a deal breaker for me. When you’re running around all the time you want a foundation that’s going to hold its own.

Barry M Brow Kit

To be honest, I’m still not 100% sure what I’m doing with my brows most of the time and I haven’t found a product that works well for me yet. This was my latest effort – it’s a wax and powder set, but I think I prefer pencil, so it’s time for a change on this one anyway.

L’Oreal Paris True Match Powder

You can probably tell by now, when it comes to my skin, I like L’Oreal products! I find this compact power nice and breathable, and it’s the best match to my skin tone that I’ve found. It’s just run out so if it needs replacing with a cruelty free alternative then now’s the time.

Collection Contour Kit

I’m relatively new to the world of contouring (thanks YouTube!), so again I’ve not really found a product I’m happy with. This is a nice gentle shade with a subtle highlighter, but it doesn’t always last.

L’Oreal Paris Le Blush

This is another product I could take or leave. A little bit of blusher comes in handy, but I usually just pick this up in a 3 for 2 offer in Boots!

Max Factor Colour X-Pert Waterproof Eyeliner

I love wearing winged eyeliner, it’s one of my favourite looks! It has to be waterproof, and I found that the brush built into this one makes it easy to draw nice steady wings – so this is going to be a hard one to replace if it comes to it.

L’Oreal Paris False Lash Sculpt Mascara

I struggle with mascara – I think I’m slightly allergic to some brands to be honest, and I’ve got very sensitive eyes, so I find it hard to get one that works. The brush shape of this one is perfect for exaggerating your natural lashes, and it doesn’t agitate my eyes, so it’s a good find – but is it cruelty free?

L’Oreal Paris Cream Lip Gloss

It’s not sticky, it’s got good coverage and it lasts – it’s everything I want in a lip gloss! I don’t wear it often but if I need to dress up an outfit quick this is my go to solution.

Mac Matte Lipstick

Matte lips are my favourite look. This is a brand new addition to my makeup bag – my sister actually bought me it for Christmas. It’s a bit higher budget than my usual beauty products, but I can really see the difference.

L’Oreal Paris Infallible Fixing Mist

This product is a complete God send. A quick spritz of this once your makeup’s in place and it’s going nowhere! It fixes your face for a full day at work or a night on the dancefloor, and it definitely makes your look last longer. It’s one of the best beauty products I’ve found.


So that’s how I get my look! I’ve used most of the same products for so long that I don’t even think about what brands I’m using any more. I know what works for me, my skin type and my style, so buying beauty products has become a force of habit.

That’s the problem for most of us, shopping for fashion and beauty isn’t something we think about, so we don’t question the ethics behind our purchases or where and how our products are made.

Of course I’m nervous about changing products after so many years trying to find the right ones for me (come on girls, we all went through that awkward blue eye shadow phase didn’t we?), but if it means I can enjoy my beauty regime guilt-free with animal friendly makeup then I’m all for this challenge!

I was the biggest fashion addict EVER until last year when I started giving up my fast fashion habit – so if I can kick my wardrobe issues into check I can definitely get my makeup bag looking beautifully ethical too.

Of course it’s not just my makeup products I need to consider. There’s shower gels, deodorant, toothpaste, moisturiser, cleanser…the list is endless. Us girls love our beauty products!

Animal testing isn’t the only ethical beauty issue either. There’s microbeads to consider, the plastic containers it all comes in, palm oil which is destroying the rainforest and a whole host of other ethical issues.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re trying to live ethically, but it’s all about small changes which add up to BIG impact.

For me, it’s going to start with researching the brands I’m buying from, changing one product at a time and finding more ethical makeup alternatives that are cruelty free and work for me.

To make things a little bit easier and keep myself motivated, I’ve signed up to The Pip Box. It’s a brand new subscription box that’s cruelty free, palm oil free and vegan friendly, and, even better, 50p from every box is donated directly to an animal friendly charity.

They’re launching next month and will send subscribers a box full of 5 premium cruelty free beauty treats every month. I can’t wait to receive my first one!

I think it’s going to be the perfect introduction to my brand new cruelty free beauty regime and I’m hoping to discover some great new products. Check them out and sign up for your box here. (Not a sponsored link, just a new product I’m excited to try!)

So what happens next?

The first step on any ethical journey is research, research, research! So it’s time for me to hit Google and find out the truth behind the makeup brands.

Cruelty free beauty is my resolution for 2017 and it will take some time to educate myself and find more ethical alternatives. I’ll be sharing my full journey in this cruelty free beauty blog series, but luckily for me there’s some amazing bloggers out there who have paved the way ahead for me already.

A quick Twitter search helped me find Cruelty Free Kitty, who created a list of companies that test on animals, with a bit of help from PETA. It’s not always a clear issue, and big brands are clever at finding ways to hide their animal testing, but a quick scan of this list and it’s already not looking good for my makeup bag – L’Oreal, Mac and Max Factor all feature on there.

Looks like it’s time for some changes! I’m off to do more research, chat to some of my cruelty free blogger friends in #EthicalHour and watch the post box eagerly for my Pip Box to arrive.

I’ll be back soon to share some updates from my cruelty free beauty journey, but if you’ve got any useful blog posts, resources, research or products I should check out, please share in the comments or send me a tweet!

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