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The Leading Cause of Unsustainable Fashion

The Leading Cause of Unsustainable Fashion

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Our first guest post is by Eco Fashion and Style Expert Alyssa Couture.

Sustainable and Eco fashion. Terms that are commonly misused in the fashion industry. How we perceive what exactly makes a product eco or sustainable may be a contribution of the greenwashing trend. There is much contradiction to what makes a product eco. Not only is it causing confusion for the consumers, greenwashing trends may be misleading the ultimate purpose of what makes a product sustainable.

The major challenge we face for a sustainable product is its ability to preserve the health of the environment. Not only that, it must preserve the human race. Our predominant use of synthetic fashion is the most critical reason why our fashion industry is such a mess. There are numerous businesses, brands, and publicity that are currently generated to promote majorly greenwashed products like recycled plastic bottle fiber, recycled ocean plastic fashion, and synthetic vegan apparel to name a few.

A missing factor is that we are focusing on recycled plastic bottle fiber and its harmful effects on the environment, yet, we are not pursuing its threat to our own bodies. If it doesn’t belong in the landfill, it certainly doesn’t belong on our body. That is how we should treat plastic in general so we can enforce devaluation and elimination. We can no longer give credence to recycling plastic as a sustainable practice if we bring our own life as part of the ecological system into the picture. To give a toxic substance and material more life only to hurt our own is not sustainable fashion.

Synthetic fibers are made as a toxic chemical composition. The chemical composition and its structure form an unbreathable fiber that cannot be reversed no matter how much technology it is treated with. In this respect, we cannot continue to produce a fiber that traps in oxygen. Plant fibers allow the largest organ of your body to breath, and is necessary to create health and lessen disease.

Our dependence on synthetic fashion is tremendous. We have a booming synthetic textile industry. Particularly in formal wear, outerwear, swimwear, lingerie, hosiery, athletic wear, and more. Synthetic fibers are the dominant and number 1 textile in the industry. We are in need of adopting natural, plant-based fibers that can replace and substitute synthetic fibers.

The fashion industry is the 2nd most top polluting industry in the world. The 1st most top polluting industry in the world is the oil industry. The fashion industry is second most polluting because we use the oil industry to produce our synthetic fibers and dyes.

Synthetic fibers are a huge proponent to the evolution of fast fashion. It began during the industrial revolution and has continued to become more severe. If we create fast fabrics, we are able to create fast fashion. This is a very poignant statement. Our use of test tube chemical fibers are cheaper to produce. This fiber is mechanically processed to enable the production at a rate that is unnatural and creates a fast paced condition.

The need for global balance on all social, economical, and environmental fronts stems from getting back to alternative, holistic remedies that are made from nature. The food industry prescribes plants, and the same goes for our fashion industry. What we put on our body should be as important as what we put in our body. Natural, plant-based fibers and dyes are the most crucial for a healthier fashion industry. We need high fashion that is sustainable for the earth and the human race. We cannot leave out our actual bodies and wear clothing that conduct and promote disease.

Eco and sustainable fashion are terms that are exploited each day. We are trying to remedy a situation based from the use of synthetic fibers that are toxic to wear. The elimination and lessening of synthetic fiber is going to be a process. We have to improve the enormous misrepresentation of synthetic fiber being a sustainable improvement for the environment. If we continue to wear synthetic fibers, we will be perpetually recycling a non-biodegradable material that threatens our personal health, and the environment.

Our ecology is on its natural course to create ways to produce a sustainable fashion industry. It factors in many various elements and layers. Where we are at now, we have to take steps to create less disease. If we do not have our health, we cannot help our earth. Consider synthetic fibers as a very important part, if not most important part of breaking down the current greenwashing conflict in the fashion industry.

Rather than focusing on what’s hurting our earth, what is hurting us? If we are able to switch our perspective, and clearly envision the effects of fibers and dyes to our physical, mental, and emotional health, we identify the leading cause of unsustainable fashion.

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