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What does ethical fashion look like?

What does ethical fashion look like?

Eco, ethical and sustainable – for conscious consumers these buzz words are part of our checklist when we’re shopping for clothes (and just about anything else).

But in the mainstream fashion world where trends change at least once a season and major brands are in a price war to the bottom, these words can conjure up less than desirable images.

The ethical fashion world is gaining more press coverage with the rise of the Fashion Revolution campaign after the Rana Plaza collapse, and most recently BBC Panorama’s documentary showing the darker side of clothing brands in their investigation into refugees making clothes for high street fashion shops.

Even couture fashion week runway shows in recent years have shown signs of more eco friendly production, although there’s still a long way to go and many designers are still reluctant to put their ethical credentials on their labels because of the negative connotations that sometimes come with it.

Unfortunately, negative stereotypes still exist – preconceptions that ethical fashion is too expensive or hard to find is frustrating for ethical brands, and for ethical consumers the idea that ethical fashion is frumpy or makes them a hippie is a challenge many regularly struggle to overcome – even though it’s just not true.

(Check out my ethical Autumn trends post to see how you can channel seasonal trends into a sustainable wardrobe).

The #EthicalHour tribe on Twitter love a challenge, so this November we’re asking them to help us smash the stereotypes! It’s time to show the world what ethical fashion really looks like…

The truth is, ethical fashion, just like all of us, takes many different colours, shapes, sizes and styles, and it’s time we shouted about that! So here’s the challenge – take a selfie wearing your favourite ethical outfit to show the world how you #WearEthical, because we all do it in different ways.

Here’s mine:


“I am a business woman, fashion blogger, ethical consumer…I #WearEthical. This is what ethical fashion looks like!”

(Pictured here in my Innerstand organic stretch tee – one of my favourite things in my wardrobe! (Get yours here, and use code LITTLELOTUS15 at the checkout for a 15% discount!), also wearing a Little Lotus limited edition handmade silk scarf from our Cambodia collection – you can purchase yours here).

It’s up to you what you want to tell us about yourself, why you wear ethical or what you love about ethical fashion, as long as it comes with the message “This is what ethical fashion looks like”.

To take part in this selfie challenge, post yours to Twitter using the #EthicalHour hashtag showing us how you #WearEthical and we’ll retweet you and feature you in our “Faces of Ethical Fashion” Storify.

Let’s show the world the many faces of ethical fashion! I’m ready to smash the stereotype…are you?

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